Whenever you’re looking to install hardwood floors in your home, you might need a push in the right direction regarding the type of wood to select. The kind of wood you choose is always a personal option, but if you’ve got sufficient information to hanwood-species-300x200d you can make the right choice.

Oak — possibly the most traditional type of flooring you could choose. Oak is lasting in character and can endure for several decades. Oak is relatively light in color and has a red color that can bring an element of warmth into your living space.

Walnut — Walnut is an elegant, luxurious choice. It’s dark almost chocolaty tones and is a ideal choice for dining rooms or studies.

Cherry — This is possibly somewhere between pine and walnut in colour but contains more tones of crimson in the grain. A gorgeous choice for any room in the home.

Maple — This really is more white/cream in color than oak and can earn a perfect choice if you want your area to feel light and airy. It occasionally has a wavy grain and may turn into a golden colour after a couple of decades.

There are of course many more kind of timber to select from. Just have a look online to find the different alternatives out there.

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