Wood Floors That Change Colour

turin_-_distressed_oak_-_5All natural hardwood flooring will change colour slightly with time. Some forests will alter significantly based on that species photosensitivity. These hardwood flooring normally require between six months to 2 years to reach their older color depending on the specie of wood and the quantity of artificial or natural light the flooring is exposed to. Some wood species eventually become darker and a few become milder over time.


Most exotic wood species such as Jatoba, Tigerwood, and Cumaru will darken over time. This also occurs in North American Cherry. When selecting one of these floors you need to be sure you are choosing it based upon the mature colour rather than the colour it’s as it comes out of the box. When these floors are installed, they are far lighter but it will deepen over time into the rich color you based your selections on.

Based on the amount of light the hardwood flooring is exposed to, all natural wood floors will change color. Even though manufacturers use UV treated finishes which decrease quantity of discolouration and yellowing, the wood itself will still alter. Natural walnut, ash, and hickory will normally shed their snowy white color and start to yellow with exposure to light. North American walnut is exceptional, since it is one of the only wood species that will become lighter with vulnerability to artificial and natural light.

Colour change can be expected on certain species

All these colour changes are normal and to be anticipated. We recommend not using area rugs, or moving them around periodically in the first two decades. This allows the flooring to mature in colour evenly throughout the whole space. For more information about which wood species change color and how, feel free to contact us in http://www.hounslowfloorsanding.co.uk or 020 3151 1910!

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