Oak flooring is among the most popular end materials accessible to homeowners. It creates a feeling of warmth and character in the home, and works well with just about any decor. Oak flooring provide houses with natural beauty and need to be properly maintained to prolong their lifespan.

Avoid using routine household dusting and cleaning goods. These products will cause permanent damage. Use only products specifically designed for hardwood.

Besides spot cleaning your bamboo flooring as necessary, it is also suggested that you vacuumbrush, or dust mop each week. Oak floor swivel-head mops with microfiber covers are all good cleaning tools since they eliminate fine particles of grit or dirt that could be overlooked by a vacuum or broom.

For oak flooring we ought to make it constantly in a clean, dry environment, if you find the floor is dirty, we should wring cotton mop it, refrain from using still dripping mop, also not to wash the floor with liquid or sterile items remain.

Despite your best efforts to keep your bamboo flooring untarnished, it is only natural that minor harm will occur. All spills and dirt ought to be wiped up immediately.

The last point is the reason why we have to concentrate on, bamboo floors itself still has a lot of advantages, but still can’t cover its own shortcomings, we all know that it can not resist sharp objects hurt, even more can not endure with fire destroy things, therefore in our everyday lives, we must look closely at this knife or cigarette butts on the ground can not be, otherwise it might cause very serious consequences. For deep scratches and gouges, it may be necessary to replace the individual board.

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