The Best Nursery Flooring Types

shutterstock_1025820874In regards to finishing up your handbag, making a decision on a form of flooring may be difficult. Installing something that can resist the wear and tear due to children while also keeping them safe from tumbles, falls and dangerous fumes are usually on top of most parent lists. And now’s focus on eco-friendliness is something which doesn’t necessarily have to be dismissed when completing a kids’ room. For a summary of the ideal nursery floor types, check out this report.


Although maybe not the most recognizable flooring substance available on the market, cork is in fact quite acceptable for a nursery. It’s a softer, spongier flooring alternative that is great at protecting kids from tumbles and falls while acting as an insulative noise barrier contrary to active footsteps. Cork is also obviously hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial that is great for young, sensitive noses and skin. There is no stress about volatile organic chemical (VOC) off gassing. Since cork is actually a bark, it’s considered eco friendly as the trees are allowed to remain growing even as the cork is harvested every couple of years.


Bamboo is really a fast growing grass rather than a real wood. Since bamboo only takes approximately five to seven years to reach harvestability it’s another eco-friendly option. It’s also considered a low VOC flooring alternative with hardly any formaldehyde used during creation. If you are worried about VOC off gassing, assess for Carb Stage II evaluations for indoor air standards. Bamboo is insect resistant, and therefore you don’t have to be concerned about the use of pesticides during the developing process. It’s also quite durable which can be a desirable quality in children’s rooms. You will worry less about scratching or denting than you’d about most other flooring materials.


Hardwood is your timeless flooring material and may still do the job well in a nursery. It could be more expensive than other choices, but if uniform great looks throughout your home are very important to you, there is no reason why hardwood can’t get the job done. Of course, hardwoods that rate greater on the hardness scale will probably be resistant to scratches and dents, so you may want to bear this in mind when making your purchase.


Laminates provide you with most of the advantages of hardwood at a fraction of the purchase price. There are now more modern laminates that are rated as zero emission which could reduce worries about VOC off gassing. And while quite durable and scratch resistant, even if your kids make a mess of the ground, it won’t cost you a chance to replace it.

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